Website to customise greeting cards

Responsive ecommerce website

My role was to:

  • optimise the user experience
  • redesign a responsive ecommerce website
  • redesign a responsive tool to customise the greeting cards





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Problem to solve

  • Get a look and feel modern, simple, intuitive
  • Optimise filter by category
  • Clarify the different option of customisation
  • Drop off when user lends on the tool to customise their card

Process & Solution

UX task :
  • I first ran a competitor analysis and then listed the best practises 
  • Revamped the filter
  • Simplified the steps to customise by adding a progress bar
UI task :
  • I established a responsive grid (desktop -tablet -mob)
  • reviewed the overall design system to achieve consistancy and webstandards
  • Unified iconography family
  • On the basket page - modify hierachy and added a sticky basket functionality
  • Reorganised the account section to be more intuitive that it looks more like a dashboard

Desktop format

Responsive tool to customise greeting cards

User flow to customise card High fidelity design