Illustrator Eugenia Mello

I love the work of Eugenia Mello, illustrator and graphic designer from Buenos Aires.

she masters the design of characters in a unique way.

Composition are always fresh, creative and playful.

Color combination are fresh and vibrant.

I really love all of her work

she shares her process on her instagram

i would love to see more of them, it's very inspiring

such a strong artist with her unique style


Visit her website


Image localisation by Spotify

Interesting post by Spotify
When being in a global market, how it s important to think localy for your user.


By localizing images, we can help people feel that they belong.

Something people notice only when it fails, but when done well, it feels seamless and natural...


Read the post


Design system : ADELE

As designer we talked a lot about design principle-design system- how to build a library-component-great system design...

So far i found the Adele website one of the best design guideline  list

Such nice tool to browse throught different design principle


Great Designer Galshir

Discovered Galshir work through his Instagram feed

He s an extreme talented Art Director & Product Designer

Slick design ! smooth animation ! beautiful illustration

I am a big fan of his works, really inspiring

so worth to be shared





Just discover the work from the studio Ideaink illustration based  in Singapour

Really nice and interesting to see how visual thinking bring life to a meeting



Illustrator Owen Davey

I first discover the work of Owen Davey with his beautiful book about the shark

I love the style and colour palette




Peter grundy


here the work of Peter Grundy

i found it s a right balance between modern,minimal, shapes and informative design.




Information is beautiful


I recently did lot of research in visual representation

David McCandless is one of the master of data viz

Nice showcase of interactive visualization